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Amit shah reply to media on the question raised on his son jai shah

Amit Shah purifying the questions raised by Jai Shah

BJP President Amit Shah has purified on the questions that arise from the overturn of his son Jai Shah’s company. Amit Shah, in reaction to the questions of Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal in news channel panchayat that happened in Gujarat election
s, shah, clearly reply that there is no issue in his son Jai Shah’s company.

the reporter asked, that the opposition is asking, how turnover get increased from 50 thousand to 80.5 million, how it happen?

In response, Amit Shah replied that, ‘Well did you raise this question. first I would like to ask a question, then I will reply the answer to this question. after independence, so many corruption ceases charged on Congress and is this not a crime? but Congress has not filed any single illumination case? no, why?jay has demanded the investigation on his behalf. if you any proof then must prove in court. then the constitution [court] will decide the judgment.

shah replied that first I make you all clear that the company has not taken a single penny with the has not asked for any type of help of a single penny from the not a single question arises here for corruption.


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